20200513141830.png Product Diagram
Product Diagram

Ultra 50 Ceiling Mount

Ceiling Mount, Architectural & Commercial


The Ultra 50 Ceiling Mount has been designed to be mounted on horizontal surfaces. It is a fixed light with no tilt, used for direct lighting. It features an extra clear, tempered, flush, low iron glass lens and high-temperature silicone gaskets. The axles and locking cylinders are machined from 316 Stainless Steel.

For the USA and Canada, the Ceiling Mount Ultra is supplied with an 8" diameter mounting plate.

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Pure LED

LED Chip

Cree CXA 2540 Plug and Play, field replaceable LED


5000 Lumens @ 1400mA

Lumens Per Watt

96 Lumens @ 52 watts

Colour Temperature

2700K, 3000K, 4000K

CRI Warm White (3000K)

80 standard, 90+ optional

Beam Angles

13, 22, 33, 51 Degrees

Physical Properties


Solid Powdercoated Aluminium

Ingress Protection



BS/EN 60598.2.2, UL1598, CE

Power Supply Options

Recommended Power Supply

Remote (Series) Driver, Retro 120-277VAC Driver

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